Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project 52 Week 4 - Soothing Repetion

For some reason we have a stash of pacifiers in our house, which is kind of strange because the last child of ours to use a pacifier was MR, and that would of been many years ago.  She was the only one of our kids to use a pacifier.  Of a night time she would suck on her pacifier and then at the same time gently slap one of my cheeks, this would sooth her off to sleep.

MG on the other hand would drink her milk and play with her belly button, in fact we could never put her in pj's where she couldn't get to her belly button.  Not being able to get to it would just simply put her over the edge.  Going on road trips we had to make sure the clothes she wore abled her to reach that special spot.

AS to this day still twirls my hair to sooth herself to sleep.

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