Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 52 Week 14 - Fusion

Why can't they just get along???  Sometimes it feels like my girls are in the business to be in each others business, resulting in silly spats.  As frustrating as this cycle can be at times, I realize the girls "business" isn't unique to this house...

The other night when JC got home and walked into a spat.  He quickly asked the girls to turn to each other and hug, kiss, and say I love you.  Their reaction was amazing, while MG was happy to go along with the scenario, MR for what ever reason found it a little awkward to do such a thing.  Don't get me wrong this girl loves her sisters, and is the sweetest thing who would do anything for anyone, but for some reason she found this a tough request to fulfill!!  After much discussion and a whole lot of coaching they were both able to accomplish what seemed at the time such a crazy request, and most importantly they showed a little more appreciation towards one another.

Try it out on your own kids, what reaction do you get???

The below photograph was edited with MCP's mini fusion action...

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