Saturday, April 2, 2011

Breckenridge, Colorado

So back in February we pulled the girls out of school for a week and took a family trip to Breckenridge, Colorado.  We have some good friends from California that we met there and spent the week together. 

Our two older girls have been skiing a couple of times but this was AS's first time, we weren't sure what we would be in for.   When we moved to Nebraska, she proved that she was not a big fan of the cold weather and snow.

However when in Breckenridge, she showed a new love for the cold and snow and had a great time...  After a day of ski school and some time spent skiing with her Dad, forget the bunny slopes she was ready to go up the mountain.


This is MF... I think this is her second time skiing and did she get the ski bug!  All she wanted to do is keep going and going, no bunny slopes for her either.  She is right between the girls in age so a fun time was had by everyone!!

TF first time on the slope was a success, though I think he is more interested in hanging out with the girls! 

MG loves to ski and she has no desire to go slow just take her to the top and let her go...  We still haven't quite figured whether she is in control or not???  What we do know is that she loves to have her picture taken :)

MR also loves to ski, but she also loves the social goings on back at the hotel.  She will have everyday planned out for you from the moment you wake up.  From skiing, sledding, shopping to movie and popcorn night, or a dip in the hot tub, no relaxing with her around...

JC did an awesome, his legs definitely got a work out taking care of AS.  I took this shot while he was watching her during ski school. 

Another great family ski trip!!

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