Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 52 Week 9 - Express Yourself

Backtracking a little to Week 9...
Miss A loves lipgloss and not just any kind of lipgloss, only the expensive kind, Chanel, Mac anything from a department store but not from your local Target.  So when the theme for "Express Yourself" came around I thought it would be easy peesey, I would simply take a photo expressing her love for lipgloss.  Miss A on the other hand had a different idea, even when I broke out my expensive lipgloss she was not impressed, and buying her off with peanut butter m&m's was not going to work.  We managed to get one shot that I thought expressed herself...

Back to the whole peanut butter thing.  There is one member of the family that will do anything for peanut butter.  Miss Charlie, the minute the lid comes off the peanut butter jar she is right there by your side willing to do anything you wish, and usually sporting some drool.

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