Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 52 Week 11 - Darks and Lights...

Since I really like to work with natural lighting, the weather plays a big part with my pictures, the weather this week did not seem to want to cooperate. It has been warmer the last few days which is a nice change, but rather windy.  Regardless of the uncooperative wind and sun, this weeks project helped me get what I think is an innocent picture of Miss M!

We just recently had my mom out from England, and whenever she comes she likes to treat the girls to a couple of outfits from one of my favorite stores in England... "NEXT"  Madi is wearing one of the outfits in this picture, so if you are ever looking for an outfit that is a little different for your kids or yourself, be sure to check out my favorite store.  They also just started shipping to the USA... yeah!!

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