Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Of My Favorites...

So I know that this Project 52 is probably a little boring for some of you, but I am actually learning quite a lot as each week goes by.  This week with the help of a friend I learned how to apply a textured background to my photographs.

Just had to share this one with everyone!!  We were just hanging out in the basement messing around with a boa, (what girl doesn't love a boa?) and got this shot of Miss M, I think that this has to be my favorite picture of her at this time, I just love the way the light falls on her face, and the softness of the feathers...  


  1. Great job on your texture! They add so much to photographs and can be so addicting! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying such sweet things! You seriously made my day! Love this shot!